Sale Time

Ok I’m in the home stretch on The Occult Chronicles.  The famous last 10% that feels like the final turn on the 400 meter sprint.  The bad news is that I won’t be making the October 31st release date that I had hoped for.  Right now I’m shooting for January or February.  So I’m having a sale to raise some funds to finish off the art for the project.  Kickstarter seems a bit too much for something like this and I’d like to save it for a TBS or maybe a mega expansion pack for this game.   I’d like to ask any longtime supporters to spread the sales news around in any way that they can.  Tell your forum buddies, post on your blog or get a soap box out and stand on it at a street corner etc.  You can get 50% off any games that I sell for the next 10 days.  Just enter the coupon code OCCULT when you go to check out.  The deal doesn’t apply to the SI & AE bundle but you will get a better price by adding them to the cart separately and then using the code.

I’ll have some news pretty soon about development.  I have just about finished all the data entry on all the “encounters” in the game.  I went back and created a special “Quest” card mechanic that let me link different encounters together.  It took some time but I think it was worth it.  Now you can try and communicate with some of the denizens of the haunted estate and get into some interesting situations.  I had a lot of fun thinking up ways to let you do things like play angry ghosts off against each other and beat demons at their own Faustian game.  You can always just go mano a mano with them the old fashioned way with tommy guns, spells and psychic talents if you prefer but there are some neat things to discover if you dig a little deeper sometimes.  Anyway, thanks for everyone’s continued support.  I think the wait will be worth it for this game and I’m very excited about how it is turning out.

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