Armageddon Empires Retrospective

Matchsticks for my eyes has done a great design analysis of Armageddon Empires.

Occult Chronicles is all about exploration so I’m hoping it scratches that itch as well as AE did.  I’ve also thrown in a what’s behind curtain #1 slot machine type mechanic.  There are no rolling apples, oranges, stars etc.  but each time you have to determine a reward or punishment you start turning over 10 face down cards.  How many you can/have to turn over depends on how well you did in the Tarot card challenge.  A rare few encounters have the “Instant Death” card hidden among the 10 face down cards.  It’s like that card that will kill you instantly in Dungeon Quest….the huge scything blade one…but you feel like you had a choice rather than just picking it from the top of the deck.  Good times.

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