Occult Chronicles Update

It’s become apparent to me that I will not be able to release The Occult Chronicles in June like I had hoped.  At the time it seemed like a reasonable goal but it seems that I have traded AI Hell for Data Entry Hell and I’m not sure at this point which is worse.  Making games is tough work.  Making games by yourself and not having henchmen to order around to do the myriad of menial tasks that are entailed in putting a game together sometimes seems impossible.   So in order to give myself some peace of mind and more importantly the time to really polish this thing off, I’m going to pin my new  semi official release date onto the 31st of October, 2012.  It’s a strategy horror survival adventure rogue like game so that seems like a fitting choice and it will hopefully motivate me to get to the finish line.

Right now I am slogging my way through testing out all the actions that the various weapons, heroic feats, spells and psychic talents offer to manipulate the tarot card game.  It’s so boring but so necessary.  I’ve returned to the main foyer with a generic “encounter” that I can run to test out the different actions.  The screen shot below shows how the game is looking at this point.  The icon for your O.D.D. agent is a place holder from Solium Infernum of course.  (Can’t seem to get word press to not distort these so click on them to enlarge if you are interested)

Here is a screenshot of the Tarot Card game that you play when you resolve an encounter.  Lot’s to explain there but I’ll leave that for a later date.  Coffee break is over.  Time to get back on my head.

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