Match and Magic

I just saw this Kickstarter drive for Match & Magic and wanted to point it out to anybody who donates on the Kickstarter scene.  I had originally heard about this from from a post on Dubious Quality a while back and had wondered how it was progressing.  I’m a huge fan of Puzzle Quest myself.  It was definitely an inspiration for the design of my latest game.  I decided to transform the gem matching into a card matching (trick taking) mechanic built around tarot cards but the fundamental concept behind all these implementations is the same:  set up a rule set and allow the player to find ways to manipulate them by identifying certain patterns that are displayed on the board and how they can interact with your off board abilities. Enough design gibberish though.  Check out the drive and the video.  Man I wish my office was that clean.  I might be able to finish my game faster. 🙂

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