SI: Rectification 1.08c Beta

Download the Update 1.08c Beta here

I’ve put together a new update that fixes a host of bugs that went unnoticed in the Rectification expansion content as well as some that have hung around since the original release.   Some of the fixes required really mucking around in the code so I am going to release the update as a Beta and would ask any willing players (especially email game groups) to give this a try and let me know if any problems pop up.  I’m pretty confident that there will not be any major issues but I’d like to test it out as a beta first before I make it official.  Over 20 fixes….Some of the major fixes included:

Fixed Hellsculpt ritual

Fixed Curse of Diabolism ritual where an order to “seek out curiosities”  did not count as a tribute request NOTE:  Still having reports that some requests for tribute are not generating prestige loss when a player is cursed.  If anybody thinks they have an example of this please send me a save game file or pbem folder from the turn when this happens (before the tribute request order is executed)

Fixed the Angelic Host taking the lava terrain bonus instead of the defending player legion

Fixed problems with events cancelling Vendettas not clearing out pending Demands as well

Fixed AI problems with the manage resources goal objects that caused the AI to over pay tribute for some rituals

Fixed AI crash with Assertion of Weakness goal object


Download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder.  Make sure you overwrite the GameData folder and its files.  You might need to delete the folder and then unzip the new one there to ensure that they are replaced.

IMPORTANT: Windows often creates another install location in AppData.  If you are copying over the 3 files and the GameData folder to the Program Files location but the version on the game is still not going to 1.08b then you will need to update the files and folder in the AppData location.  The easiest way to find this is to do a search for MainIFace.cxt and note the AppData location if it is returned.

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