SI: Rectification 1.08a Update

Ouch.  I seemed to have broken the Curse of Diabolism in 1.08 after having previously fixed it.  I’ve fixed it again and included it in 1.08a.  Also included are some fixes for the durations of some events that required a timer that were having their durations cut short by 1 turn.  Hosts in multi-player games should definitely upgrade.

You can get 1.08a here.


Download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder.  Make sure you overwrite the GameData folder and its files.  You might need to delete the folder and then unzip the new one there to ensure that they are replaced.

IMPORTANT: It seems that windows 7 often creates another install location in AppData.  If you are copying over the 3 files and the GameData folder to the Program Files location but the version on the game is still not going to 1.08a  then you will need to update the files and folder in the AppData location.  The easiest way to find this is to do a search for MainIFace.cxt and note the AppData location if it is returned.

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