Never On Steam Sale

Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if or when my games will be on Steam.  I have to admit that I have felt very ambivalent about the whole thing because on the one hand I really like selling direct and cutting out the middle man but on the other hand I know a lot of devs who have had the mon$y hat put on their heads via selling on Steam.  The only thing Steam has ever given me so far is that empty feeling in the gut as I have watched them deflate indie software prices almost single handed.  But today I got the ubiquitous “Not a good fit” rejection letter that I so richly deserved for my moment of weakness last week when I submitted Armageddon Empires for consideration on Steam thinking that I too might look good in a money hat. Oh Well.

But it inspired me to try and make something out of this and burn my ships just like Cortez did and set off for the interior and fortune and glory.  So I am going to fight fire with fire and launch a preemptive strike on Steam’s Xmas sale and do a 50% off all my games NEVER GOING TO BE ON STEAM sale.  You can get the discount by entering this code when you check out


The Sale is going to last 2 weeks. Please spread this news around on any board or watering hole that you frequent that might have a musty old turn based grog hanging out in close proximity.

NOTE: The 50% discount only applies to the individual games and not the already discounted bundle of SI & AE.

Check out Armageddon Empires here

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