SI:Rectification Update 1.07a Beta

Update: Should be fixed now for players having problems with loading multi-player games. The correct version to have is 1.07a Beta which is up right now at the link below. If you update and run into problems loading a multi-player game please let me know. Thanks.

Here is a download link for the beta version of the free mini expansion pack. If you are thinking of getting a new game started and want to try out the new content all you have to do is download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder. All players that are playing in the new game need to update to 1.07aBeta as well. All old saves are compatible. If you come across any bugs, script errors etc. or just want to give me feedback on the new game items/content then send me an email at my support address. I can’t promise to respond to everyone but I do appreciate the help. Save games are also always very appreciated as they can help me quickly identify problems. I plan on running this beta for about a month if everything goes smoothly. I should also have some news soon about my next game which is what I am calling a turn based adventure strategy game with a rogue like influence.

NOTE: You can get a version of the notebook mod 1.07a Beta here that will force the resolution to 800 by 600. Make sure that you FIRST install the SIUpdate1_07aBeta Update.

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