SGS 1.07 Released

I’ve fixed several of the bugs that were encountered with the Weird West Story Cards. I’m going to go ahead and call the game released for purchase. I want to thank everybody who pre-ordered and played the beta and provided bug reports and feedback.

If you have version 1.06a or greater then you can just download this small update here: SGS Update 1.07 Final Release ZIP

To install the zip file update simply overwrite the 3 files as well as the GameData folder at Program Files\Cryptic Comet\SixGunSaga with the files in the zip. You should see Beta 1.07 as the version number in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen if the install was successful.

You can also just re-download the install file using your purchase email confirmation from BMT Micro. Contact my support email if you have any problems with this.

In addition to the bug fixes and an updated manual that includes the Weird West content, I have also added a new card action:

Change In Plans: Select a story card that is not occupied by a posse and replace it with a new story card that has not yet been drawn

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