Six Gun Saga Pre-Order extended

Surprise! Well probably not a surprise for most of you. I’m going to extend the beta buy in a little while longer while I am working on 1.06. I’ve got one extra module that I am trying to implement which is an optional group of story cards that you can add to your game that brings a slight Weird West flavor to the play. The concept is not very original for me… in fact it’s just like Cults of the Wastelands for my Armageddon Empires game. Each Weird West story card (there are only 4) has an “independent” posse on it that must first be defeated by a player/AI posse before it can have its VP’s taken.


I know there has been a lot of discussion about gun battle resolution and some players would prefer a more interactive/reactive type of combat resolution. I’ve given it some thought and at this point I’m not really eager to start down that road. I am toying around with incorporating a system of cards that can be played to place combat modifiers on hole cards played to a posse. Right now I’m calling them Edges ala The Outlaw Josey Whales and a slew of other game systems. They would add mechanics modifiers like ensuring that both sides take some damage, or some damage is negated etc. If I get this implemented then it will be a ways off. I’d like to get some unique art for each of the Edges. So don’t anyone take this as a promise on the Edge system. If just thinking out loud here. 🙂

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