1.04 Six Gun Saga Beta Update Available

I’ve finished the latest round of bug fixes for the Six Gun Saga Beta. You can either re-download again/uninstall the old one and then install the new one OR use SGS Update 1.04 ZIP if you have version 1.03 already.

To install the zip file update simply overwrite the 3 files at Program Files\Cryptic Comet\SixGunSaga with the files in the zip. You should see Beta 1.04 as the version number in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen if the install was successful.

Here is a list of some of the major fixes.

– Fixed bug where townsfolk would cycle between posses and bunkhouse when the Sunday Church story card was no longer available
– Fixed bug with Poison The Water Hole not working both in picking target player and action execution
– Fixed bug where Cash Register special ability was not working for General Store deed
– Imposed Limit of 10 on the upkeep value of any dude so that icon image errors do not occur
– Imposed Limit of 10 on VP value of any dude so that icon image errors do not occur
– Imposed Limit of 20 on any dude’s gunfight value so that icon image errors do not occur
– Fixed missing 3 parameter bug that occurred in AI algorithm for deciding whether to fire dudes
– Fixed multiple bugs with elimination of AI players from the game causing graphical errors and turn processing errors
– Fixed Fort Defiance logistics special ability not working correctly
– Fixed bug in saving of sounds settings for music and button clicks when option screen is left
– Fixed bug where player setting an ambush on another players ambush did not immediately show up on the game board even though it had been successfully placed
– Fixed bug with They Froze Up Action Card

I’m going to continue to fix these types of issues and then start in on improving some of the AI weaknesses such as coping better with the killer stacks with high gunfights and toning down the AI aggressiveness and penchant for pursuing near hopeless battles. Thanks again to everyone who has sent bugs and save games in. I haven’t been able to respond to every email because of the large number that I’ve gotten over the weekend but I have been working my way through them all.

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