Beta Updated to 1.03

Thanks to everybody who has pre-ordered and a double thanks to all those who have reported bugs. If you do run across a bug please send me a save game if you can do that. The autosave.sav file is in My Documents/SixGunSagaGame/SaveGames

1.02 was out briefly but has now been super-ceded by 1.03. You should uninstall the lower version and then download and install the current install file from your download link. I apologize for the inconvenience (in the future I will try and offer small downloadable patches/updates) but the original install misplaced the location of one of the shortcuts and on reboots it offers the shortcut in its own folder. Uninstalling the game will remove this nuisance. Here is a brief summary of what 1.03 fixes.

Fixed error in Loves The Whiskey Action
Fixed error in how straight flush is identified
Fixed bug where player could buy ambush card even if he no longer had valid location targets
Fixed right click on main menu error
Fixed several AI bugs where loops were using wrong index
Fixed bug in discard deck reshuffle where same card was added more than once causing multiple draws of the same card

I’ve had some reports of Actions like “Retired” causing problems during targeting. I can’t reproduce it myself but if anybody can then please send me a save game.

Thanks for your support!

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