Back in the saddle

So Six Gun Saga is nearing completion. It’s been a long and dusty trail. My intent is to do a pre-order/beta buy in type thing starting next week. You can basically buy the game and get download access to what is being called the 1.01 Beta. It’s very playable and content complete as far as the artwork goes. It’s been pretty bug free for me lately but with more monkeys pounding on it, I am hoping to find more things to fix. Once the game is declared released you can use the same serial key and download link to install the final product. That’s the plan. The price will be $11.99 for the pre-order and probably $14.99 for the final game.

What to expect? You can download the manual here in PDF format 1.86 MByte. It’s not the final version and has some typos but it’s pretty close. It will give you an idea whether you might be interested in taking a gamble without a demo. I’m not sure if there will be a demo on release. I’m planning on offering one but games can be over in as short as 10 turns. I’ll probably have to come up with something that is limited to 5 turns just so players can see how the mechanics work.

It’s single player only. It’s PC only. It runs windowed 1024 by 768. Same old dog, same old tricks. The game is not epic like AE and SI so be warned. It’s a palate cleanser. You do still need to read the manual. The idea was to create situations where you had to make tough choices and sometimes take a gamble. Games are short. You should be able to play the default setting game in 30 minutes. I’m hoping that it makes most people think.

I’d appreciate it if any early adopters would post in the forum for the game so I can fix any bugs and improve the AI. The AI was tough for this game. I think it’s decent at this point but I’m its father so take that for what its worth.

I’ve also made some price changes on my existing games. The website will be updated to show this next week but you can now purchase AE and SI for $24.99 each or both for $45.99. For SI if you purchase 4 or more in one order you will get $10 off each item so it comes out to $14.99 per item. If you have a group of people who want to play by email then this would be the way to go.

If you absolutely can’t wait for the website to get updated to pre-order you can pre-order/download the game here.


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