Solium Infernum Update 1.06a

Update Instructions:

The 1.06a update is compatible with all save games from previous versions. It can be applied to any previous update version.

Multiplayer PBEM Note: I strongly recommend that hosts update to this version. All other players should as well but many of the key fixes are for the turn resolution performed by the host.

You apply it by overwriting the three files AIScripts.cxt, MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt in the Solium Infernum install directory which is usually Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum

You can use a .zip file here: Solium Infernum Update 1.06a ZIP

Or a self extracting .exe here: Solium Infernum Update 1.06a .Exe

Important: For the self extracting .exe, some windows systems will not let you copy directly to Program Files so you might need to first copy them to your desktop or another writable location and then manually copy the three files over.

Rules Changes (Important) :

Infernal Juggernaut can now only be performed once on a specific friendly legion and therefore cannot be stacked

When framing a player for a ritual targeting Pandemonium the framed player now gets his resistance to deceit bonus added to the Pandemonium modifier of +10 (was +8 previously). Additionally if the framed player has Demonic Premonitions active then his Prophecy level is also added to the challenge modifier.

Planar Lock can no longer be stacked on the same target player. i.e. You may only have one Planar Lock active at any time on any given target player

Planar Locks performed using ritual masking when a diplomatic stance of Vendetta, Blood Feud or Excommunication does NOT exist between the two players cannot be continued automatically from turn to turn i.e. the ritual must be performed again with the accompanying normal chance of success or failure.

Planar Locks can no longer be continued more than ONE turn past the expiration of a Vendetta. You will receive a turn log message to this effect when a Planar Lock continues over into a turn but the Vendetta has ended. Planar Locks may still be continued indefinitely if the target is excommunicated or in a blood feud with you.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug introduced in 1.06 that could cause script error if a player was eliminated from game

Fixed bug in Panic special ability where hp damage was not being assigned

Fixed loophole where diplomatic actions could continue with blood vassal if demand/insult was issued after blood vassal proposal was made but before it was accepted

Fixed bug in Planar Lock continuation when targeted against multiple opponents on the same turn

Fixed bug where blood vassal legions were not removed to valid controlled hexes at the end of a Vendetta if they were in enemy territory

Fixed UI bug where acknowledging some rare information messages did not removal all modal lock conditions

Fixed AI script bug that sometimes occurred when AI’s attempted to use secret manipulation ritual to move an opponent’s legion into battle with another legion or place of power

Fixed bug in display of total tribute cards when tribute is assigned for orders

Fixed bug in conceding territory during diplomatic responses

Fixed bug in Pilfer, Coerce and Bribe ritual if performed after player had already lost stronghold and legion bribe attempt was successful resulting in legion going over to player who was to be eliminated at end of turn.

Fixed bug where ritual cap event was still affecting excommunicated players even though it is a Conclave decree and should not apply to them

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