Netbook Mods (Beta)

I’ve come up with a way to re-size the viewing space for both Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum to 800 by 600 so that it can function on netbooks which usually have the resolution height fixed at 600. The results are not as pretty as the regular resolution but everything seems to work just fine. If you want to give your copy of the games a go on your netbook you can apply either of these two “mods.” If you have any feedback then you can either email me at my info or support emails or just post in the forums.

Solium Infernum Netbook Mod ZIP Version 1.06a or better required

Armageddon Empires Netbook Mod ZIP Version 1.08 Tip of the Spear or better required

After you download the .zip file you must overwrite one file in the install directory for each game. The install directory is typically C:\Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Game Name i.e. Armageddon Empires or Solium Infernum.

IMPORTANT: The mods ONLY affect full screen mode and will not work with the windowed executable. The mods compress the view area into a 800 by 600 view space so that there is no clipping on a netbook.

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