It must not fail

A few months before the launch of operation Zitadelle that saw two colossal tank armies collide on the Russian steppes at Kursk, the Fuhrer is said to have commented to his generals that the offensive “must not fail.”  So far so good for Armageddon Empires.  Strategy gamers seem to generally like it despite some valid reservations about the user interface and the apparent complexity of the game.  I’ve fixed a handful of bugs that have caused some problems and have been updating the program as I go.  There will be a patch published Monday or Tuesday (my webmaster is out of town) and it will be version 1.2 bringing anything from 1.1a to 1.1c up to snuff.  I’m getting a lot of good feedback about changes to the UI.  Things like faster dice rolls and info on the cards in the hand.  I’m going to take a serious look at these and see about the feasability of implementing some of them in a version 1.3 or 1.4.  It will depend a lot on how much testing is involved and how my code base wants to cooperate.  I already have 200k+ lines without comments so some things have gotten a little unwieldy despite my impeccable software engineering habits.  Anyway, thanks to anyone who has tried the demo and even more thanks to anybody who has ponied up for the game. I really appreciate the support.  If you do encounter a bug please send me a save game file if you can.

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