Trinkets Available At Cost

I realized when I signed up for the $5 a month shop at Cafe Press that I was not going to be the next Penny Arcade t-shirt shop. I added 3 or 4 bucks to the already high prices that Cafe Press charges thinking that I might make back the fee and also the cost of getting the graphics made….although my sister did the work and she does a lot of work for me with a deep big brother discount and is a bargain to say the least. But after you add shipping who wants to pay $20 for a mouse pad or coffee cup? Anyway, I’ve decided to change the prices to just cost ($10.99 cafe press base cost) and offer it as a service to any player fans who are crazy enough to want it…….crazy in a good way of course. 🙂

Thanks to all the crazy people who have purchased AE and SI.

Cryptic Comet Souvenir Shop

Mouse Pad

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