In a Design Mood

I’m spending a small part of each day brainstorming possible game mechanics for my next game. I came across this article that has been in the news about the possibility of a Type Ia supernova happening a lot closer to earth than anyone had expected. You can read the article here.

I immediately thought what a great subject for a computer game this would be….and started coming up with ideas on how a player could be required to come up with solutions to avoid species extinction….maybe a Dyson shield with a Teflon coating 🙂 or an artificial black hole to warp the explosion around the planet or something on site at the white dwarf to prevent it from reaching the Chandrasekhar limit….. or maybe just a Diaspora fleet to find the lost Thirteenth Colony. And then turning to more conflict enhanced scenarios, I thought about a game map where advanced space civilizations battled it out by making stars go supernova… oh well back to more earthly pursuits.

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