1.02 Solium Infernum Update Available


This update (1.02) is compatible with all previous saves


THE HOST MUST UPDATE. PLAYERS SHOULD UPDATE as well but the game can function if only the host updates.

Note: You may need to unzip/extract the files to a place like you desk top and then copy then to the install location Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum


All players send their turns into the host. The host UPDATES and THEN processes the turn. The host sends the Main.sav file to the players. The players update their versions and then load the Main.sav files sent by the host.

The version number is visible in the bottom left of the Main Menu screen. It should read 1.02 after update

The update is a self extracting .exe that will overwrite three files in the default location Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum

Make sure the the default target destination of the extractor is the correct location. You may need to select this manually.

You can grab the update here Solium Infernum Update 1.02

Here is a simple .zip file if you are having Windows Security Issues Solium Infernum Update ZIP 1.02

I want to thank all the people who sent in save games. It was a huge help in tracking many of these down.

Update Notes:

Fixed bug where Infernal Dissipation artifact power would cause script error when used on Place of Power

Fixed bug where Panic artifact power was enhancing and not decreasing the target’s combat attributes

Fixed bug where Favorite of the Conclave event was being ignored by AI players

Fixed bug where Intel Failure event was not preventing prestige from being visible during some player info dialogue boxes

Fixed bug where dissolution of Conclave after all players were eliminated or excommunicated was not happening

Fixed bug where Mountain Walk legion could gain control of mountain hex

Fixed capture Pandemonium warning not clearing after acknowledgement

Fixed master of bazaar warning in Bazaar not clearing after acknowledgement

Fixed bug where Praetor could not be removed from some Places of Power

Fixed bug where Cancel Conclave decrees was not affecting some decrees.

Fixed bug where Grand Tournament of Pandemonium could get multiple copies of entrant from same player

Fixed bug where relic in ritual slot could cause script error if check was made for “continuous ritual”

Fixed bug where AI would cycle endlessly between Goal_BuildForceForUnclaimedPoPCapture and Goal_CaptureUnclaimedPoP because the algorithm to select assaulting legions was different

Fixed bug where legion flying to attack PoP and being forced to retreat without valid retreat hex could be removed from the board but not the game

Fixed bug where when legion was destroyed by Destruction ritual, a view legion button was generated for the message in the turn log. Clicking on button caused script error.

Fixed bug where Oath of Retribution would not trigger if Champion was in second slot of the single combat (defending)

Fixed error in algorithm for generating starting legions for players

Fixed bug where training Praetor with Bone Breaker could fail if manuscripts were placed in a wrong order (all other training manuscripts were not affected)

Fixed bug where banished AI player could try to reconstitute its personal guard

Change to PBEM Game Naming

You may now only use letters and numbers to name a PBEM game. Spaces between words or at the end of the name are not allowed. NOTE: This is only for starting NEW GAMES. Previously started games are NOT affected.

AI Fixes

Fixed design error where Turtle type strategies could be generated for all opponents since they represent 25% of the AI Archetypes

Allowed turtle Archetypes to bully weak neighbors and not just runaway leaders

Decreased the threshold for detecting potential runaway leader

Increased stochastic element for AI decision making on Vendetta when projected win rate is close to 50% for some AI sub personalities. in the Aggressive Wrath, Deceit, and Wickedness Archetype categories

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