Technical Difficulties and Milestones

I ‘m posting from a secure secondary command post at an undisclosed location. My primary dev machine needs a new cpu fan. I had a water cooled system on it but the water isn’t circulating anymore so the little pump must be dead. After the success I had at installing a new power supply when the old one’s fan started making noise, I’m going to attempt to do the repair myself.

I’ve made some great progress on Solium Infernum. Every system is complete and a first pass at all the game data is complete as well. I’ve been playing the game a lot in hotseat to start refining the data for all the “stuff” in the game… legions, praetors, artifacts, relics etc. That’s not to say there aren’t still a lot of bugs because there are. I have over 60 unique events that need to be tested so I’ve got some fun work ahead going through each of those.

The AI is progressing on a seperate front. I’m working on refining the opening game strategies that each AI can pursue. I’m also paying special attention to the “land grab” goals that the AI generates. Sometimes it’s better to encircle a Place of Power so that your opponents can’t get directly at it (a few legions can fly so that’s another issue) and then come back later when you have better and more legions that can overcome the garrison. Getting the AI to pursue those types of goals successfully is worth the effort.

Finally, here is an infernal artifact that you can look forward to bidding on and then bestowing upon one of your legions. These artifacts usually have unique special abilities.

The Ark of Damnation

Ark of Damnation
Between Hell and Tartarus exists a space of black energy called the Ark of Damnation. It is a ladder used by condemned Tartarean spirits to climb out, but it is also a portal through which unfortunate demons of Hell can be placed, stripping those demons of their bodies and converting them to ethereal beings. On the Ark exist four symbols of tragedy: a human skull for man’s descent from Earth to Hell, a goat skull for demon’s descent from Hell to Tartarus, a bull skull for the authority over Tartarean spirits, and a bird skull for the desire to ascend.

–The Diabolic Encyclopedia

Game Abilities:

+ 4 Infernal: Add +4 to the controlling legion’s infernal attribute

Damnation: If the legion deals infernal damage to an enemy the damage is doubled

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