Infernal Popularity Increasing

I caught this interesting news bite over at Tom Chick’s Fidget. It seems that using The Inferno as a thematic setting is getting some serious consideration from the giants of the industry. With M rated games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 doing so well though it’s not surprising that designers might venture below. The nice thing about my niche though is that nobody is building a turn based strategy game down there. Sure Brad Wardell and Co. at Stardock are working on Elemental but that’s a different league and I need TBS’s to play like the next guy so no worries there. Seeing Stardock continue to pursue the TBS genre gives me hope that my niche won’t become a nichette.

Solium Infernum is PG-13 by the way. This is probably the most “mature” image in the game. Meet the Queen of the Damned. I’ve just recently added her to the game because “feature creep” is my middle name. She is one of four Champions of Pandemonium that you can challenge with your Praetors (heroes) in single combat to win some prestige. A word of caution though: She’s a killer. Dynamite with dual scimitars.

Queen of the Damned

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