Advancing the Diplomatic Front

An additional week was just about the right guess. I’ve wrapped up the last major component of the single combat module. You can now respond to the message from the Infernal Conclave that you have been challenged (or initiated the challenge) to resolve a Vendetta via single combat. You have 2 turns to pick your champion or hire one in the Infernal Bazaar and get him ready. Once both players submit their champions then the duel is processed on that next turn….and we see who is still standing and who is banished to the Abyss. I’m sticking to the common mythology that demons are immortal. The penalty for being vanquished in Hell is eons of pain in an incorporeal form in the Abyss… solitary confinement of a sorts. At any rate, the losing Praetor is removed from the game and the winner gets the chance to “level up” his champion and the benefits of winning the Vendetta… a nice Prestige Point bonus.

I’m going to hold off on discussing the specific mechanics of single combat. In general, you choose a chain of up to six combat moves that depend on how your Praetor is kitted out in three attributes, any gear and special abilities. 6 rounds of combat are resolved, wounds are assigned and if nobody is eliminated then the sequence starts again until there is a winner. Because some “Combat Moves” have random elements the outcome isn’t guaranteed and programmatic but the goal is that good strategy in selecting the right moves and combos is rewarded.

I’ve also advanced a few klicks on the UI front. The art for the Avatar Powers display has been finalized and will be in place next week. The Avatar display is a sub tab on the Main Dialogue Display that deals with the stats and powers of your chosen Archfiend Avatar. As you play the game you’ll constantly be confronted with choices on how to spend your tribute to “power up” in the 5 power disciplines of Wrath, Deceit, Prophecy, Destruction and Diabolism. Powering up to the next level in a discipline almost always opens up some new ability, ritual or benefit. To accomplish the power up you select it as one of your open phase slots for the turn and then pay the cost in tribute cards that you have collected. That’s the basic idea. I’ll discuss the concepts of phase slots and tribute cards down the road so don’t worry about those. Here is a glimpse of the Avatar Powers matrix that lets you see your ranking in each of the disciplines. You roll over reach icon to get a description of what benefits you accrue for each power level. If you have achieved a power level in a discipline then a thin metal frame is placed over the icon.

Avatar Powers Matrix

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