Dog Days of Summer

Well the trains apparently don’t run on time in Hell. Between some family travel plans and some needed bug fixing for Tip of the Spear, I haven’t been able to advance the ball much for Solium Infernum. But as of today I am back in the saddle and if you are a parent you know just how good the approach of September looks and what that means. The sound of silence. 🙂

Tip of the Spear is being brought up to 1.08b. I released a stealth 1.08a last week to fix a couple of problems that had crept into the code and could cause the AI to not use certain AT Cards or worse use the Deep Strike breakthrough card on double attack cards (which caused problems in combat). But what I spent the most time working on for 1.08b was implementing a special damage reporting system for ground combat. So now you get feedback on just how much extra damage that energy weapon or neuro toxin did. This also helps out when some of the new “Infantry Rules” are going into effect. The Combined Arms Damage Bonus is now displayed so you don’t have to scratch your head and wonder where the extra points of damage came from.

The updates will go on the website soon but here are the download links direct from my Amazon S3 server.

PC Version 1.08b

Mac Version 1.08b

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