Tip of the Spear Update Beta 4

I think the kinks are pretty wrung out. I had a player send in a game that did have a bug that I introduced into #3 while trying to fix an issue with the way the AI’s choose which cards to upgrade so I’m going to take a little more time and review the last round of changes. Version 4 is now up of the beta and if you have the interest in checking it out please let me know if you come across anything. The save games that I have received from players so far have been few but very, very helpful….especially with bugs that trigger only under very rare or odd combinations of actions or events.

There has also been some good discussion about the AT Cards and their usefulness on the forum. I’m going to keep them the way they are for the time being. I’ve been tempted to bump up the Toughness a bit to +3 HP but my gut feeling is that it would be a bit much especially with the power that Triage can give an army. I also think the Resistance bonus you get for toughness shouldn’t be underestimated when you face opponents with weapons like neurotoxins.

My design goal was to give players a chance to buff up their infantry marginally (the intent is not to make them able to reach high end armor or mecha status) while at the same time offer some tough and interesting choices. The low end AT Cards are designed for quick but simple play especially in the early game but they can also have their uses for things like recce cards that are eligible. As you go up the table in Action Point cost I wanted to offer some specialization options to give players some flexibility to counter specific enemies or just have some fun.

Personally, I’ve been surprised how much the new rules can change certain situations. Especially noticeable is the encounter with the Cult of the Rapture. It was already a bit of a challenge but now it is more so with the Cultists counting as infantry backing up the “Armored” gun turrets.

So, more testing and hopefully a full release in the next couple of days is the status. July 18 evening could still work. 🙂

You can grab a zip of the beta update here (4.81 Mbyte)

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