Tip of the Spear Update Beta 3

OK. Thanks to everybody who tried out the beta of the update. It had lot more bugs in it than I had thought. Some were really nice boneheaded ones on my part. Others were the results of breaking some things in the process of fixing others. Copy and paste can really be a trouble maker.

Big fixes for Beta 3 include:

Infantry Cards with the Assault special ability cannot be given Deep Strike Training. These two special abilities conflict when the logic goes to process an assault.

Some intermittent script errors have been fixed when the AI was trying to figure out the best infantry type cards to upgrade and odd situations in the rankings occured.

Recon category cards that are also infantry type cards have been weighted more towards HP and Def buffing for the AI’s choice of enhancement to increase survivability as a primary goal

Here is the download link again if you are interested in trying out the latest beta version. As always any bug reports/save games are very appreciated.

You can grab a zip of the beta update here (4.81 Mbyte)

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