Demands and Insults

I’ve been working on the implementation of the diplomatic orders that players can make in Solium Infernum. The primary win condition of the game is built around the concept of “Prestige.” Prestige is a currency as well as an indicator of just how respected and feared you are among your fellow Archfiends. You will find opportunities to spend it and wager it throughout the game. You can also collect it secretly for that suprise victory when the Conclave convenes and all fell deeds are revealed. This of course isn’t as easy as collecting public Prestige which all players can monitor/observe… it is after all a representation of your public standing within the Conclave.

Most of your actions will naturally be devoted to increasing your own prestige or diminishing that of your rivals. The Diplomatic System in Solium Infernum is one key way to do that. Not only is it designed to formally channel and regulate player conflict but it also functions to redistribute prestige in interesting ways. “Interesting” of course is a code word for “agonizing decisions” or tough risk vs. reward calculations.

In SI you can’t just decide you like your neighbor’s land and march a legion in to take it. You have to observe the Protocols of Hell and claim Vendetta to accomplish such a thing. In order to get to Vendetta you usually have to bring a demand or insult before the Conclave directed at one of your opponents. You can choose anybody but you will get the best results if your target is a player you have ranked high up on your threat list. What’s a “Threat List?” It’s a top to bottom list that each player keeps ranking your enemies from most threatening to least threatening. Pursuing an action against a high threat opponent will be easier than one who is low on your list. Your Infernal Rank and that of your target opponent also comes into play but that’s something that I’ll discuss in the future. In general though the higher your rank versus that of your opponent the better for diplomatic orders.

So you have a rival you share a border with and you want some of his land or you want some Prestige. If you make a demand of him before the Conclave you might end up getting either. Most demands are for tribute cards but land, evil artifacts and unholy relics can also be on the menu. Accompanying the demand is a Prestige Cost. The player making the demand pays this and waits for a response. If the responding player decides to concede the demand then the demander gets the Prestige Cost back as well as whatever was being demanded. If the responding player refuses the demand then the Prestige is lost by the demander and gained by the responding player. But the lost prestige buys the demanding player the opportunity to claim Vendetta on the next turn. I’ll talk more about Vendetta later but the short of it is that the player claiming Vendetta states what he is going to do to punish his rival…. capture X hexes, destroy Y legions, etc. and then wagers Prestige on it. If he accomplishes this before the specified turn limit then the wagered Prestige is returned with a multiplier bonus. If not then the Prestige is lost and some of it might be given to the spoiler. Even if you lose the wager you might find you didn’t come up completely short. Many of the actions that you can undertake in the course of attacking your opponent can earn you prestige….legions harmed and destroyed, rituals cast, etc.

The other major diplomatic tool is the art of the insult. You hurl an insult at an opponent in front of the Conclave and await a response. If the opponent accepts the insult then you gain a certain amount of Prestige and your opponent loses an identical amount. If the opponent refuses then no prestige is lost but he must respond with a Vendetta against you.

All demands, insults and Vendettas are public knowledge so one insult can cause a chain reaction of demands and insults from other players that make the WW I alliance doomsday machine look like childs play. Your neighbor just couldn’t tolerate that insult and now is in Vendetta with another player? … time to make some demands/insults of your own.

Demonic Diplomacy

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