New Year Gaming Resolutions

1. Finish More Games: This was a bad year for finishing games. In addition to having to hustle hard to get AE finished, I had to fight a few bad habits. I tend to get distracted by something shiny and new and notch off a few more gigs of the hard drive without a second thought. I am happy that I did pretty well in the “buy the box and not install routine” into which I have sometimes fallen. That thankfully didn’t happen this year. However, I finished a mere two games this year. You can probably guess one of them. Here it is:


Not surprising since the single player game is an epically short experience. I’m not complaining mind you. I paid full price and I have no regrets. It’s a great value for the money and a rocket sled to excitement type game. And maybe being a short game has a payoff… I did finish it and it feels good. There are games that you need to finish to keep your street creds. If you haven’t finished Planescape: Torment and you are a D&D CRPG fan then you are not complete. I don’t think COD4 quite falls into that category but it does feel nice to finish it. Yes, there are some niggles about the puzzle like move forward at this point or die scripting but I look at COD4 as something just to be experienced. For me personally there were a lot of cool moments. Having spent over a decade studying Russian and Arabic it was fun to hear the background dialogue and be able to make out a bunch of it… it was very well done. The story is a bit incoherent and not very plausible but hey so was Transformers and I enjoyed that as just a good popcorn flick. So here is to being bite sized and delicious! Well done Sgt.

The other game I finished was Company of Heroes The single player campaign of course. I’m just not a multi-player gamer. Well I’m not a real time multiplayer gamer. There are a handful of games that I have ever really played multiplayer. Playing competitively that would be Dominions II, Panzer Campaigns, and Combat Mission. Do you sense a pattern here? They were all played by email as well (DOM II server doesn’t count). I’ve also played Diablo II and Titan Quest cooperatively….but that is another tale.

Normally I play against the computer AI or with my son against multiple AI’s and CoH provides not only a great visual feast but a real time experience that doesn’t overwhelm. It cuts it very close but it succeeds even with the need to micro the placement of a grenade or a panzerfaust. Which brings me to my next gaming resolution but first a mention of some of the games I’m still working on finishing…skipping the debate over whether some games you can really finish or not.

RPG’s — These have the most unfinished games naturally because normally there is some fabricated content that must be experienced to call the game “finished.”

Titan Quest Gold – Still playing and working on finishing the Immortal Throne expansion with my son in coop mode

Puzzle Quest PC – Fire it up just for some relaxing fun now and then

NWN 2 – Still working on the OC with my Paladin

The Witcher – A long time in the making but good fun


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. — just got distracted and need to get back to it.

Strategy —

Civ IV Beyond the Sword — Finished a game but you can’t really finish. You are either playing Civ or you are not

Civ IV Fall From Heaven II — Why this isn’t snapped up and released as a retail game is beyond me. At the least hire Kael full time and let him design his own game.

Medieval 2: Total War — Lots of niggles but a great game. The real time aspect is manageable for me. Very rarely do I feel so stressed out because of a lack of situational awareness on the map due to time constraints.

On the strategy hit list:

AGEOD’s American Civil War — The civil war is tough for me. I spent years researching and recreating many of the major battles on animated battle maps. I’ve grown a bit tired of it but this game might be what rekindles the old fire.

Carriers at War — I come from a Naval family. My Grandfather was a seaman in WWI. I’ve got a 1,000 hour pin and over 1,500 hours as a mission specialist in the EP-3E. My father was an F-8 pilot in early Vietnam. The first book he ever bought me was “Queen of the flat-tops.” Just wish there was a demo for this one.

Coming Next: Resolution Number 2

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