Flotsam and Jetsam

Things have been crazy hectic in a good way. The Games For Windows Tom vs. Bruce feature was a real boost and some great exposure. The effects should ripple throughout the net for weeks and months to come. It’s like that bad hair product commmercial where they tell two friends, and so on, and so on….until it looks like the Brady Bunch intro piece on steroids.

Kieron Gillen of Rock, Paper and Shotgun penned a nice review of Armageddon Empires for Eurogamer I almost feel bad having tricked him into reviewing the game because I have been using his article on “Using and Abusing the Gaming Press” as a hand book. It’s like that scene in Patton where having mauled the German attack George C. Scott starts yelling “I read your book you Magnificient Bastard!”

Rommel You Magnificient Bastard

I’ve been working on Cults of the Wasteland. I’m going to include a toggle in the options menu that allows for a starting boost to AI resources. This will let people who want to up the challenge do so at their own discretion. I have been running a bunch of simulations with this and it looks promising. Things don’t always work out as planned though. What it really does is alleviate bottlenecks for the AI that a human would easily figure out a way around. It’s also got some unforseen consequences that I have to still work on. The easy reasource boost in the opening can make the AI think that it doesn’t need to worry as much about resource collection and thus put that at a lower priority than it normally should. When the resource boost depletes the AI finds itself playing catch up to shift its efforts to building up a better resource base. The boost can also cause more aggressive behaviour but not necessarily directed at the human player. It ups the chances of the AI’s getting into a cycle where they savage each other and this is to the human player’s advantage most of the time. So more work needs to be done.

Project Brimstone: I’m going to try and announce this in January so I can really start to talk about it. I’d like to start featuring some of the design decisions in this blog. It’s looking very good but I’m working on what has to be the most “Un Fun” part of the game….. the UI. It’s a real chore to build the data displays and menus. Right now there is only placeholder art so it looks awful. If I had to describe the game it would be Diplomacy meets Dune meets Ticket To Ride with a bunch of A Game of Thrones for good measure.

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