The Stars Are Right

It’s been a good couple of weeks for getting the word out about Armageddon Empires. Last week Kieron Gillen and the crew at Rock, Paper and Shotgun put on contamination suits and wandered into the wastelands….enjoying the scenery.

Then I got the latest copy of Games For Windows in the mail and knew that one of my 15 minutes was forever gone. Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk (Tom vs. Bruce) took each other on in simultaneous single player games. I won’t tell you who won but pick up a copy and enjoy the banter as Tom and Bruce serve Man. They did get me to thinking that I need to use the Twillight Zone more as source material for inside references.

As a bonus Bruce Geryk took a further look at Armageddon Empires in his Line of Attack Column. I’ve seen a nice increase in demo downloads and people ponying up for a tour of duty in the Wastelands. Welcome aboard! If you have friends who might like the game then please spread the word.

Here is an image of something to which you can look forward. It’s the final card in the Fist of the Wasteland cult that will be a part of the free mini expansion pack due out before the Vernal Equinox (that’s cult speak for before 21 March) if everything goes according to plan. The Fist and his personal army of Doomsayers need some place from which to stage their purging of the wasteland. This is it.

Fortress of the Fist

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