To Rule With An Iron Fist

The week started well with the release of 1.06 for the PC version of Armageddon Empires. The Mac version (1.02) is being tested now and will be up shortly. I’ve gotten some good feedback from players that I’m on the right track.

I’ve been having a great run of luck lately. I got a mention in Games For Windows magazine as an indie pick of the month. It was actually a “Full Death Metal Salute” which you really don’t see a lot of nowadays.

I got a surge of traffic from a French online magazine. I’m working on translations of my manual into French, German and possibly Spanish.

Troy Goodfellow of Flash of Steel fame had some kind comments and some suitable words of warning for the feint of heart at PTD Magazine

A nice review is up at Tacticular Cancer by Astromarine which lays out the good, bad and ugly very fairly.

Finally Tyler Sager at Gaming Nexus took a look and the game from a board gaming perspective and liked what he saw.

Project Brimstone Update: I’m in interface hell presently. The UI is going to be elegant this time. I promise. Where do you want the check mailed? The game design is elegant so the UI should be as well. I’m going to be talking more about it once I make a full announcement probably sometime this January or February. I want to get some artwork in first so that I can set up a few pages on the main website. My goal is to have the game done a year from now but from past experience I’ve learned the folly of daring to think such things. This time will be different! I am hoping it will be actually. The game is as always overly ambitious but like Dr. Frankenstein I can use many of the body parts from Armageddon Empires i.e. menu systems, design patterns, etc. to speed up the development. This is especially true in the AI department although just because I like doing that so much I intend to turn the volume up to 11 in this area. I’ve been messing around with genetic algorithm type code that is run offline to figure out things like choosing the best single option from some finite group given a set of environment parameters…rules of thumb arrived at via GA’s. The good news is that the PBEM architecture is already built and semi functioning. First pass form looks good though. The emails will be sent while the game is running if everything goes according to plan. The only manual labor part will be when you receive an email you will have to save it to the appropriate folder for the multi-player game to which it belongs

Cults of the Wastelands the first mini expansion pack is leaving the conception stage and entering the execution stage. I have almost all the artwork for the 10 new cards. I also have each mini cult designed and a rough idea of how to implement each cult’s special abilities. The first stage is to get the rules and cult actions working in the game. The second stage is to put the plumbing in for each AI so that it can adapt to the discovery that cult X is in the game and figure out what to do….or not to do.

Here is the Fist of the Wasteland. The Fist is an old fashioned Warlord with the power of an impressively armed military cult behind him. The Order of the Fist recognizes only the authority of the Fist and is intent on purging the wastelands of all those who refuse to kneel and submit to its rule.

The Fist of the Wasteland

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