The best little semi secret place to enjoy games discussion.

I found this game talk gin joint dive way back before 2000 and stopped lurking in 2003. It’s like a combination of the Cheer’s bar and the Star Wars cantina in Mos Eisley. Tom Chick pretty much runs the place but he doesn’t really tend the bar. He’s off in a dark corner holding a shadow court of reviews, podcasts and streams with a witty and sarcastic style backed up by some serious intellectual heft. He’s the thinking gamer’s reviewer. At least that’s how I have always seen it.

Anyway, I note this because a patron (It wasn’t me but thanks to whoever it was) of QT3 requested a re-review type look at my second game Solium Infernum which dates back to 2010 I think. Lots of water under the bridge so it’s hard to remember. You can read it here:

Tom gives it two stars which if you are familiar with the Chick Scale, not to be confused with the Chick Parabola, you know that is a solid grade.

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