Hidden Histories, Secret Wars, Shadow Class Conflicts

I’ve been doing some deep research on a sci fi series of books that I want to write after I finish The Pilgrims Path trilogy. I am almost done with Book II and just reached the 105k word mark. The plot threads just need to be stitched together and then the hard work starts of going over and over it.

But back to deep research. I am setting this new series 1,500 or so years in the future and the fate of AI and humanity plays a big part in the back story. I have been watching a bunch of videos on this and related subjects and I have a deep and abiding interest in systems theory and related topics. I stumbled on this recent video and it’s an eye opener. There are a lot of references that you will need to look up. Some you won’t. My focus has been on “Institutions” and the role that they will play in our future.

Always ask who they are, what they want to say, what they want you to believe, do they believe what they are saying, what to they want to gain, what do they have to lose?

It’s a very interesting interview on so many levels.

A little boiler plate disclaimer here: The views are not necessarily my own nor do they represent my institution, and I don’t have an institution.

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