Meet The New Boss,

Same as the old boss. The self publishing industry is really not that much different than the indie games world. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. No, I use the Who-ism to refer to the changing landscape in media streaming/consumption. It used to be that the “networks” were the gatekeepers. Then the media companies built their empires: cable tv, satalite tv, etc. I cut the cord a few years ago tired of having to pay for thousands (a small exaggeration) of channels that I didn’t care about while some of the ones I did had Blazing Saddles level of gun to head negotiations about what they were worth and where they would go.

At first everything seemed like a bargain. Sling TV and Sony Station were both great values for what they offered and very configurable. We had Amazon Prime and Netflix. Things seemed pretty good.

Stuff started getting added on. Hulu or HBO to watch that show that went into a death spiral. Man those commercials are annoying watching the same one over and over for 5 minutes to see this or that anime or tv show but it’s only a wafer thin mint. Want to watch that obscure Brit murder mystery? That will be another $6.99.

The last straw came when the “cheap” packages bumped their rates up this winter. It was in order to provide me the BEST possible programming and entertainment improvements. I’m not even watching that much and the media scape is saturated with 1 star fare that I peruse late at night looking for a mindless laugh. My kids tease me because my entertainment seems to be “searching” for “1 star” stuff and not actually watching it.

So I just cut the thing that let me cut the cable. And I’m going to make some hard choices about all these micro subscriptions to watch that one series that’s any good on channels full of badness. The games industry is plagued with this too. I don’t mind paying for more content mind you, especially for games I love and spend countless hours on. Just don’t engineer it to be a repulsive loot box thing.

I laughed every time Kurt Vonnegut wrote “and so it goes.” and that’s the type of feeling I’m getting right now.

Anyway, just a rant I wanted to get out. Book Two of the Pilgrims Path trilogy to be titled “A Desert of Vast Eternities” is at the 82k word point. Should end up the same size as Book 1 at about 115k. It will need a few story passes once its done but I generally like where it is at right now.

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