Rock Paper Shotgun – Humble Bundle

Apologies to all for the lack of updates on this blog.  As you have probably figured out my game making has been on a hiatus.  But today is a big deal for Cryptic Comet’s future.  The wonderful gang at RPS has included Armageddon Empires in it’s 7th Anniversary Humble Bundle Weekly selection.  It’s a huge honor.

So what does the future hold in store for Cryptic Comet?  I am working on a new game.  It’s a turn based strategy game with a map, units, locations and very board game like.  The idea is for the player to use a completely different rule set than the 4 AI’s that he is competing against.  I don’t want to reveal the setting but I think it is going to be pretty far out there.  The player is besieged on all sides and has to manage limited resources to hold off the AI’s until a certain objective can be achieved. Rorke’s Drift is a big inspiration for this but there are no Zulu’s and your victory condition is pretty nihilistic…so it’s Rorke’s Drift meets the end of John Carpenter’s The Thing.  I’ve always wanted to make this game.

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