Occult Chronicles Update 1.04

OK, my apologies to everyone for goofing this one up. It seems that the 1.03 vintage was  doomed to be a bad year.  Although some of the fixes were included, a great many did not get activated due to my own incompetence.  Most are just annoying but a few are potentially going to cause players to lose some progress because the script error won’t let you continue.

Two big ones that are now fixed:

One option in the Gate and the Key mission during the final encounter will no longer cause an error after the challenge is resolved.

Trying to move with WASD off the map accidentally no longer creates a script error.

So I would really recommend that you upgrade to 1.04 even if you just installed 1.03a.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Installation: Update from any buy in beta version starting at 1.01.

You can download a .zip file or a self extracting .exe.  Once you have saved the file to your computer, locate the folder the was created when you extracted the full game.  In most cases it is called OccultChronicles.  Go to this folder and delete a sub folder called GameData.  Now double click on either the .zip or self extracting .exe and copy the files to the OccultChronicles folder. You will be copying over a new GameData folder as well as replacing two files: MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt.  When you start the game it should now read 1.o4 in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

UI Improvement:

You can now use the W, A, S, D keys to move your agent icon around the board.

W = Up

S = Down

A = Left

D = Right

You still have to click on a door to open it but once the door is open you can move freely through it just like with the mouse click.

Esc key now brings up the Menu pad for Load, Save, Quit etc.

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