Occult Chronicles Update 1.02

I have an update available for The Occult Chronicles that fixes some bugs/script errors as well as takes a swipe at some low hanging fruit for improving the game.  I’m still trying to gather  feedback and more importantly save game data on player progression before I make any major changes to the game’s mechanics. I would recommend that players apply this update as it fixes some script errors that might pop up after roaming/wandering monsters are created.

Major Bug Fixes:

Roaming monster path finding error fixed that could cause crash whenever player moved

Multiple fixes to edges that either did not work or were not working correctly

Climb down from pit traps when climb failed should now be fixed

Black Heart cursed item now longer generates error when viewed during challenge

Double doors should now work when encountered in locked state

Gameplay Changes

Quests now have a mandatory reward that appears when finished.  The reward is usually an expertise token but can be a Talisman or Edge Upgrade card.

Determination has been buffed up so that repeated failures of the same option can take you to 5 tricks on the board/5 drawn cards in your hand.  This should help most early game problems of having to attempt the same option repeatedly to get a result. Fleeing with a low swords/cups build should be a lot easier.

The evade % chance after a flee option attempt is now 20% per point above the trick point target level.

NOTE: I’m working on some ideas to have Talismans appear on cards in your hand during challenges and activating them will allow you to chose from a list of options on how to manipulate the card.

Installation: You can download a .zip file here or a self extracting executable here.  Once you have saved the file to your computer, locate the folder the was created when you extracted the full game.  In most cases it is called OccultChronices.  Go to this folder and delete a sub folder called GameData.  Now double click on either the .zip or self extracting .exe and copy the files to the OccultChronicles folder. You will be copying over a new GameData folder as well as replacing two files: MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt.  When you start the game it should now read 1.o2 in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

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