The Occult Chronicles Beta Buy In

The Occult Chronicles is now available for purchase as part of a Beta Buy in program that I will be running for the next month or so. The price is $14.99 and you will get a download link that lets you download the latest version.  The link is set to NEVER expire so you can use the same link later when the final version is released.  If you ever have a problem accessing the link or lose the link then just email me at (it helps if you can tell me the purchase email) and I can send you a new one manually. The game weighs in at 165 MBytes or so.

The game is in pretty good shape as I have had a dedicated group of testers going over it for the last month in two closed betas (one of which I announced here). But you might come across an occasional script error or game play issue.  If you purchase the game now and come across anything then I would greatly appreciate a save game and a brief description of the problem. If you have any balance issues, UI suggestions or just general comments please feel free to email me at

Installation: You will be directed by BMT Micro to download a self extracting .exe file. Double click on the file to unzip the contents to any convenient location i.e. Desktop or a games folder. Inside the newly created OccultChronicles folder you will find a file called OccultChroniclesWindowed.exe. Double click on this file to start the game in a window. There are also executables to start the game in full screen or forced 800 by 600 for netbooks. The game is portable and can be played off of a flash drive but you will need to locate the game’s local data folder on any machine to transfer save games.  This location is My Documents\OccultChroniclesGame.  This folder is created whenever the game is run for the first time on any PC and save games are then stored here. Please read and understand the user license agreement that is included in the game folder. There is no DRM or serial key required for The Occult Chronicles.

Also in the folder is a manual for the game. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read at least the Quick Start section first to get a feel for how the mechanics work.

If you prefer to wait until I have a demo up, that should happen after the Beta finishes in July or so. It will be a turn limited demo that lets you explore part of the main floor.

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