Occult Chronicles Small Closed Beta CLOSED

Wow. That was a great response and I have at this point a nice pool of candidates to choose from.

I will be going over the submissions and picking out the best fits and then notifying them via email.

Again, if you are not selected, please don’t take it personally.  I am basically going to create a pile for testers who I think will be the best bets based on the limited info that I can gather and then randomly pick 20 from the pile.

Also, I realize the window was short for this. Don’t worry if you didn’t read this in time.  The game will be out very shortly.  I anticipate 3 weeks until it will be for sale as a beta buy in. I’ll still be soliciting input and suggestions and you can also discuss it freely anywhere you want.

Thanks to everyone interested in this game for sticking with me. I realize that I have not been the best communicator.  Hopefully, you will feel that it has been worth the wait.



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