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A Desert Of Vast Eternities

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

The second book in my Pilgrim’s Path trilogy is finished and being formatted. I expect it to be up on Amazon within a week. Perhaps sooner but no guarantees. I’m running a sale right now on Amazon for Send Us Your Armies (Book 1) for 0.99. If you missed it you can grab it now. It’s definitely needed to understand and enjoy book 2.

Here is the cover for Book 2. If you pick up either please be sure to leave a review or rating.

Greatest Mind on the Planet

Monday, March 16th, 2020

If they had a vote right now, I would give it to Roger Penrose. In my mind, it’s not even a close contest. This video came out recently that reminded me why I enjoy anything Roger Penrose has to say.

If you are not familiar with his idea of CCC – Conformal Cyclic Cosmology then do yourself a favor and read up about it. For me it was a mind blowing concept that satisfied my conviction that everything just repeats itself over and over again in a near infinite number of patterns. Here is a link to a paper on CCC.

There is also a youtube channel that has a wonderful series of well done videos on the idea including interviews with a lot of famous cosmologists and physicists. The series is called “Before The Big Bang.” Here is a play list. Go to the first episode to start from the very beginning. It’s well worth the time.

Thinking Cosmologically

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Like a lot of us, I’ve always been fascinated by the some of the big questions like why something rather than nothing? Or Where does space end? Or When did time begin?

Growing up you read about the big bang. Maybe you heard something about inflation. You probably heard something about quantum mechanics and exotic subatomic particles and maybe something crazy called string theory.

This mini passion started out way back when I was getting my B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I had really not liked the two physics courses that I had to take. They were both calculus based. The first one was basically Newtonian; so blocks and friction and velocity vectors and all that jazz. The second was circuits and basic electro-magnetism. I took a more indepth course later on that and I wish I had appreciated it more. I actually worked with Maxwell’s field equations but never really understood their beauty. It was only much later with the help of a Youtube channel that I stood in awe.

There was a requirement for a modern physics class that I put off until my senior year. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable of my 5 years. I took an extra year to get a double degree with the other being in German and Russian, but that is another story.

The Lorentz transformations are amazing things. I wish I could tell you that I fully comprehended the math at the time but so much of the pedagogy was and is today what you call “Pump and Dump.” But the topics included what was known at the time in the mid 80s and it was mind blowing. Since then we have basically discovered what Ygritte kept telling Jon Snow. “We know nothing.” Dark Energy and Dark Matter were still on the horizon. We have different values for expansion depending on how you measure it that are very troubling. There are hints that reality is not what we think it is although “spooky interaction at a distance” should have been a good warning.

It used to be that I would read a book to investigate all these strange and exciting things. Now I just use Youtube. All this is to say that the bits and pieces that I have acquired over the last five and a half or so decades has made me an expert enough to be dangerous. I hope that doesn’t show too much in the Trilogy that I am writing because the backstory is a fantasy trope that tries to cloak itself in some of the current ideas in modern cosmology. One of the most unsettling ones is Eternal Inflation or the multiverse/bubble universes concept. I’d like to think that the Etherflow (Aern) might be some rare instance of this where all the variables and constants are fined tuned to create its nodescape.

This blog post was prompted because I just watched an episode of Closer To the Truth that I have been enjoying for a long time. If you are into cosmology and deep thoughts about the hows and whys of existence then you should check it out. You don’t need any math but a good background in the big ideas is helpful.

The Stars My Destination

Saturday, January 18th, 2020

I can’t believe that it has taken me over five decades to read this book. It’s really quite a gem and I’m obviously pretty late to the party in recognizing its many merits and a few faults but even those are debatable and maybe just a result of the imperfection of our own existences.

I’ve been doing some research on futurism to lay some ground work for a future writing project I am working on. Alfred Bester wrote this book in 1955. Well it was published then. Think about that when you read it. It dares to give some scientific details which is usually a surefire way to date your work after 50 or more years pass. It still manages to stay pretty relevant especially since we went to the moon in what now seems a freak and almost reckless manner compared to the current very restrained space exploration of today.

Still, Bester imagines a solar system with outer resource gathering colonies rebelling against moneyed and aristocratic production inner planets. The book is filled with tropes, (I love tropes, anybody who says that they can write something non-tropy in this day and age is either lying or fooling themselves) some of them almost unheard of at the time and some not. Here is a list but DO NOT LOOK AT THEM until after you have read the book if that is on your list of books to read. SPOILERS abound.

I’m not doing a review. But I will say that I zoomed through it and enjoyed every word. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys 50’s and 60’s story narration, dialogue and pacing. I suspect that I would not survive a stint as a creative writing major. I think the show don’t tell thing has been overplayed so much that the descriptive telling that these kind of writers did is a rare art today.

There is a lot to mine from this work on futurism: AI, cyberlife, psi, human nature and spirituality. Too many topics to list. I finished it at 1am this morning and I am still thinking about it. It doesn’t hurt that at its core is a good revenge story. That turns out to just be the accidental skeleton but I’m still trying to work things out.

As a side note, I’m making great progress on Book 2 of the Pilgrim’s Path. Just did a chapter that I’m very pleased with. Sometimes I wonder if I am writing this story or if I’m just a conduit for it from another storyteller somewhere in another universe. I never had such strong “muse” moments when I was coding and designing. It’s a new experience to get such good shots of dopamine. Sometimes it’s truly exhilirating.

Viral Promotion

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

First of all a big thanks to all the people who have taken the risk and jumped through the portal on a first novel. You can click on the Look Inside to get a good idea but you never know if it’s going to pay off in the end. Hopefully, you all are having a good time.

If anybody finishes it up and feels like it was worth the time, please leave a review unless you are one of my family members of course. I’ve been told that looks a little fishy.

Also, please post about your experience on goodreads, reddit discusions or your favorite forums. I’ve done a lot of reading on how to go about promoting your book but in this self published category it always comes down to readers and how vocal they are about your work. I’ve emailed a bunch of reviewers and unsurprisingly have not heard anything back. It’s completely understandable though. They get hundreds of requests and I’ve got no pedigree.

I remember back to publishing my first game Armageddon Empires and it was guys like Tom Chick, Kieron Gillen, Bill Harris and the Penny Arcade duo that really helped me survive that first effort to find an audience. There were a bunch of others as well. Apologies if I can’t mention them all. But you get the idea.

If you are a legitimate reviewer and want a kindle copy of the book for review please contact me at info(*at*)crypticcomet(*DOT*)com

Through The Gate We Go

Monday, January 6th, 2020

The Amazon Kindle store is remarkably easy to use. I got my formatted book back on Sunday night and Amazon had it up by this morning. Here is the link if you wish to travel through the portal and learn about the war that will determine the future of the pocket universe of Etherflow.

If you enjoy the story, please think about writing a review on Amazon. Same goes for good reads. I need to start promoting this book and that’s really always the hard part. I found that out when making computer games.

What’s next? I have 25k words or so done for book II titled A Desert of Vast Eternities and a pretty good idea where the trilogy is going although I’m apparently what they call a pantser in the trade and I don’t outline the entire narrative. It’s been really fun building this world. A big thanks to all the people who have supported me over the years, my family and all the turn based strategy gamers who put up with clunky tech and UI’s. I hope you all find this story enjoyable.

The Geography of a Pocket Universe

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

Well not going to make it before the new year but that’s not really a problem. It will be a nice way to kick off the next one. Should be out in the first week or so of January once I get the formatting done.

My upcoming novel titled “Send Us Your Armies” takes place in a reality quite different from our own. I don’t want to spoil the physics of this strange world, as it’s much more fun to discover the details while you read and are forced to piece together the new laws and their implications. But one of the most distinctive features is the fact that the fundamental spatial building block is a three dimensional hexagon. These hexagonal prisms form the nodes of the Etherflow or Aern as some of its inhabitants now call it. Here is a map that I made so that the reader can track the movement of the story’s characters and place the major points of interest. Note that the map is not complete. It only shows the major features that help you place everything in the story. You also don’t really need it. It’s not like reading Churchill’s The River War without a map and having no clue where everything is happening.

Getting Close

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

I might get this up on the Amazon Kindle Store before the year is out. Copy edits are done. Final proof reading is in progress.