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Demo includes:
15 turn limit
Single Player vs. 1 AI (up to 3 AI in full version).
Additional Weird West story cards and Bosses available in full version.




Howdy Pardner:  Six Gun Saga is now available. After purchase you will receive a serial key and download link for the game.

Six Gun Saga is a turn based strategy game set in the Wild West.  Players assume the role of one of seven Bosses vying for control of a fictitious no-name town.

It’s All About The Choices…..

The Good Ones…..
Hire the meanest and toughest dudes to fight your battles.

The Bad Ones….
Keep your books balanced by cashing in cards that you would really like to use another way

And The Ugly Ones…..
Send your posses out to claim Victory Points from story cards that seem hopeless without an ace (or two) in the hole.

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