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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

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Cults of the Wastelands

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How do I create tech/genetic/tactic cards?
To create a technology, genetics or tactic card you need a hero with the appropriate special ability. The “Technologist” special ability is used to create technology cards. The “Geneticist” special ability is used to create genetics cards. Finally, the “Tactician” special ability is used to create tactic cards. Technology and genetics cards also require that the hero be in the same hex as a friendly laboratory facility card. Tactics cards require that the hero be in the same hex as a friendly academy facility card.
create card
Right Click on Create Card Option Image
The hex with the appropriate facility must be in supply and not besieged. To initiate a card creation challenge you must left click on the army icon containing the hero that will attempt the challenge. The “View Army” interface will appear and you must left click on the info text for the army in the left hand pad. This will display the hero card in the army. Now you must right click on the hero card to bring up the special abilities info pad.

If all the requirements are met, then the appropriate option will be offered. i.e. “Technologist” followed by a number representing the hero’s skill level. Clicking on this text will display a dialogue box that allows the player to select from one of six cards to be created. Each card has specific action point and resource costs as well as varying levels of difficulty.

You must left click on a card to select it for a “Create Card” challenge. If sufficient action points and resources are available then the “Select” button at the top of the dialogue display will be enabled. Left click on this button to initiate the challenge.
pick a card
Pick A Card For Creation


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