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Armageddon Empires is a computer turn based strategy game that takes the best elements of collectable card games (don’t worry there are no cards to chase you get them all), board games, and computer games and brings them all together to provide a unique interactive strategy war game experience. You can choose a normal size map and battle in a death match with a single AI opponent finishing within an hour or select a huge map and slug it out with the other 3 factions in a game of epic proportions.

Players start by choosing one of four factions and building their playing decks. Each faction has its own play-style, strengths and weaknesses. There are 7 main card types: Heroes, Units, Facilities, Attack (Aircraft, Helo/Hover and Missile), Attachments, Munitions, Tactics.

cultist wraith revenant

The game map is created randomly each time you play and seeded with resources and independent units and facilities. Your cards are played by drawing on your resource stockpiles. 4 basic resources are necessary to build your empire in the harsh new world. Humans, Materials, Energy and Technology are all strewn across the playing board. Some are concentrated in the ruins of human cities; others are found in the junk heaps of forgotten battlefields or simply lying buried in the vast wastes.


In addition to paying resources for each card you play, you must also expend action points. Typically, a unit’s cost in action points is equal to half its total resource cost. Action Points are earned at the beginning of each round when the round initiative is determined.initative Players roll die to determine the winner and Action Points are then assigned according to rank, with the initiative winner receiving the most action points and taking his turn first during the round. If you are ready to go on the offensive and need as many Action Points as you can muster, then you can buy more die (up to 10 total) to improve your odds.

set tileSince having access to a strong resource base is important, you can also bring some along with you at the start of the game. Each player chooses a number of hex tiles to add to their deck before the game starts. These tiles are laid down by the player before the game even starts. Starting tiles can contain resources, minefields, sensor stations, tunnels or even ambush positions. You can plan the perfect mix to anchor your strategy of conquest.

Once the game is underway, you will want to deploy your heroes and units and explore the map. Some hexes will contain resources; some will harbor independents. These units and facilities range from human slavers, raiders and mercenaries to alien warlords, rogue machine masterminds and mutated monsters. Depending on your faction some will offer to join your cause (maybe for a price) while others will fight you to the death.

indipendants indipendants

Once you have the map scouted out, your enemies located and your armies formed up, you will want to unleash the dogs of war. Everything costs Action Points, so plan your moves well. You might want to use some air power to soften up the enemy first. Attack cards are played from your hand and can strike enemy armies within range of your stronghold and outposts. Drag the Aircraft, Missile or Helo (Hover Ship) card and drop it on an enemy formation and the battle is joined. Your card’s attack strength is represented by die on the horizontal rolling area. The target’s defense strength is represented below yours by the die on the lower rolling area. Each die has 3 sides with the faction’s symbol denoting a success and 3 sides that are blank denoting failure. Both players roll their dice, count up their successes and then try and modify the results. Some aircraft as well as all heroes have fate points they can spend to re-roll Air to groundany die that failed. Tactic cards can be played to drastically change the results…add positive die to your pool, re-roll opponent’s die, turn them to failures, or even remove them. If the attacker rolls higher than the defender then the difference is applied as damage.



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