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Cults of the Wastelands

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The Factions
Following the Cataclysm of 2025 humanity plunged into a Dark Age like no other. Within a month of first contact with the warring Alien Empires, the earth’s human population declined from 9 billion to a little under 9 million. Human civilization precipitously disappeared from the face of the planet. Small pockets of humans organized to try and survive what appeared to be the End of Days. Although every major population center had been methodically rubbed out of existence by nuclear weapons or kinetic energy strikes, human refugees found some sanctuary in the mountains, deserts and growing wastelands. Some humans banded together to resist their Alien Overlords. It was not until five years after first contact, that the true nature of the conflict was revealed. A race of parasitical, self directed evolutionary organisms had come to the earth to grow an army from its native inhabitants. The Xenopods as they were to come to be known used human biomass to birth, feed and direct the evolution their young. On the eve of the Cataclysm, they were well on their way to establishing a secret foothold on earth to prepare the way for a full scale invasion. The genetic harvest of the earth and its considerable biomass would have been a tremendous resource for use in their perpetual war against their arch rivals, the Machine Empire.

A fleet of Machine Empire Super Dreadnoughts folded into the edge of the solar system’s hyper limit on Nov 11, 2025 and within 36 hours reached earth. The fate of humanity was decided in a nanosecond. The resources of the earth would not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. Every major population center was vaporized. The Xenopods countered the Machines with a major task force of Battle Monitors. For 20 earth years the battle raged for control of the solar system and the planet earth. Xenopods and Machines established planetside operations bases both overt and covert to control the planet surface. The Xenopods still hoped to harvest DNA, while the Machines sought to prevent it. With the earth devastated and casualties mounting on both sides, the warring parties simply moved the battle elsewhere. The earth was soon forgotten.

Before the battle for earth had even been decided, Xenopod forces had begun rounding up humans into camps. At first it was only rumor, but soon the horrible truth was discovered. Humans were being used as both hosts and food for the birthing of Xenopod life forms. Tales of horrible genetic experiments circulated as well. After the alien exodus of 2045, isolated groups of Machine and Xenopod forces continued to battle for survival against each other. The earth fell into a period of warring states that lasted for 300 years and continues to the present day. During this period two native groups were able to establish themselves as powers with which to be reckoned. The Empire of Man is humanity’s last great hope to reclaim the planet. From its seeds as a ragtag resistance group, the Empire of Man has grown into a formidable empire. The Emperor routinely sends forth his legions to gather the human survivors together and establish bases on the frontiers of the Empire. Each new day sees the Imperials working to reclaim territory from a bandit warlord, Mutant Clan, Machine Empire Citadel or Xenopod Hive. The League of Free Mutants is just as aggressive in its territorial desires. The mutants are the result of Xenopod genetic experiments to create an indigenous army of super soldiers. Based primarily on human DNA, the mutants often have humanoid forms although some of the more radical experiments can occasionally be found in the Mutant armies. Freed from slavery by Ursius the Great over 150 years ago, the Mutants have organized themselves into a loose confederation of free clans.

empire of man
Empire of Man

The Xenopods

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Machine Empire

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The Free Mutants



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