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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

tip of the Spear

Cults of the Wastelands

Download Sizes
Manual (4.86 MB PDF)
Demo (59 MB)
Game (70 MB)


Q. Where can I purchase Armageddon Empires?
A. The game is available via digital download from our website.

Q Did you say download?
A. Yes, Armageddon Empires will be available for digital download. We use a well known, secure and trusted e-commerce digital distribution company. The download size is around 70 Mbytes.

Q. Can I order a CDROM instead?
A. You can choose to have both a digital download and a CD-ROM for an additional $10 fee. These rates are set by the digital distribution provider.

Q. What will Armageddon Empires cost?
A. Armageddon Empires costs US $29.95.

Q. Will there be a demo for Armageddon Empires?
A. Yes. Click on the appropriate demo button.

Q. What platforms will run Armageddon Empires and what are the minimum system requirements?
A. We are aiming for both a PC (Windows) and MAC release.

Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
- Video: 1024x768, 32 Mb Video RAM (128 Mb Recommended)
- CPU: 800 MHz Processor (2 GHz Recommended)
- Memory: 256 Mb RAM
- 200 MB free Hard Drive Space
- 16 bit Direct Sound compatible Soundcard

Mac OS X – Coming Soon
- PowerMac processor G3 or better
- 256 MB RAM
- 1024x768 Display resolution Setting
- Right Click capable mouse required

Q. Why should I buy from you?
A. If you like old school turn based games with deep strategy, beautiful art, and interesting game play mechanics then a purchase from you would encourage us to make more. We are an “indie” company working to create a type of product that mainstream developers have pretty much abandoned as too niche. The odds are fairly good that you will never see any products like this on the store shelves. If you like our products then please spread the word and help us out.


AE screen shot

AE screen shot

AE screen shot




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