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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

tip of the Spear

Cults of the Wastelands

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Basic Mechanics Cheat Sheet & Hotkeys
Basic Mechanics Cheat Sheet

Deploying a unit or hero card to the map:
Left click on a card in the hand display and drag it over your stronghold. Release the mouse button with the mouse pointer over the tile containing the stronghold. The card will disappear and be placed in the garrison.

Viewing the deployed unit or hero card in the garrison: Left click on the army icon in the hex containing your stronghold. The view army interface will appear. The right side info pad will display text describing the garrison. Left click on the text to view the cards in the garrison.

Creating an army so that you can move around the board: Left Click on the create army button in the army viewer display and enter the new armies name. Left click on the create button.

Moving a card from the garrison to the new army: Left click on the card in the garrison and drag the card over the text describing the target army in the right side info panel. Release the mouse button with the mouse pointer over the text. The card will be placed in the target army.

Moving an army on the board:
Right click on the army icon on the board. An info pad will appear displaying the action point cost to move the army and the number of movement points available. Left click on the text to commence movement. An overlay will appear showing valid hexes for movement. Click on the adjacent green hexes to move the army. Right click at any time to end movement.

Creating a resource collector:
Move an army containing a unit card that has the engineer special ability or any hero into a hex that has a resource icon displayed on it. The army must not be stealthed. The hex must be in supply and controlled. Left click on the army icon to display the army viewer interface. Right click on the hero or engineer unit card and an info pad will appear offering any types of collectors that can be created.

Attacking a hex with an aircraft or helo: Drag the aircraft or helo from your hand and drop it on the target hex with the mouse pointer over the target hex. An air to ground challenge will be initiated if the hex was in range and sufficient action points and energy resources were available.

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Enter / F - Acknowledge Next Action/Start Dice Rolls

Arrow Keys Function To Scroll Map

W - Scroll Map Up

A - Scroll Map Left

S- Scroll Map Down

D - Scroll Map Right

F12 - End Turn or Resume AI as appropriate

Spacebar - Toggle Cards in Hand

Tab - Toggle Mini Map


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