Multi-moving a unit

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Multi-moving a unit

Postby Keypunch » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:53 pm

Sometimes, a unit is in a hurry. It needs to be somewhere, meet people. And you know what, you've got plenty of AP, but you can't push it any further...

That's when you can multi-move!

What do you need for a multi-move? For starters, plenty of AP. Also, a base. Although an army in the field will also work. The services of an organizational genius will make it easier, but they're hard to come by.

How does it work? Well, quite easy. The game only tracks the movement status of an army. Not of individual units. So, what do you do to race that agent across the map? Every stop, you make sure you switch it to a new army. If you're at a base, you can just create a new army (or use one you prepared earlier), switch the unit out of the old and into the new and be fresh as a daisy. Great if you just wiped out enemy no.1 and now your agents have business to attend to on the other side of the map.

Works great for commanders too. Out in the field, doing recon, they are attacked by a strong force! Oh no! So, you move the stack back a few hexes to the base, create a new army, attach any units you like and also switch the commander to the new army, and he's fresh to run into battle once more! All in the same turn!
If an enemy is at your doorstep, even a low-rated commander can lead an assault with a handful of units, retreat, and switch to a new army with new units and attack again. Fresh Fate For Free! (Well, the cost of AP).

It's perhaps a more useful and fun little trick to pull in early game to recon a bit faster. Suppose you're waiting for that second M or H to deploy a new unit, but you did win Initiative. Just move your recon you deployed on turn 1 (like outrider, imperial recon, or spider) away from, and then back to the base at the end of movement (0 or 1AP), switch to an unused army (3AP) and you can explore your immediate surroundings at lightning speed (0 or 1AP again).

With an Outrider, this means that if you win initiative the first turn, you can deploy the unit (0AP), create an army (3AP), attach the unit to the army (0 AP), move 3 hex around the base, then back 1 hex to the base (0AP), create a new army (3AP), switch (3AP), and move another 4 hex again (0AP), and thus, usually, completely scout all hexes around your base. Leaving you with a ready-to-use empty army at the base. AND ENOUGH AP TO DRAW A CARD!
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Re: Multi-moving a unit

Postby Ian » Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:24 am

That's actually a neat idea, especially for recon early in the game and trying to grab any independent allies you might want early on.
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Pony Express Re: Multi-moving a unit

Postby Tacitus Junior » Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:02 pm

It is a good idea. reminds me of Pony Express stations. Just have a new mount ready. (and a ton of AP). If you have a leader in command at transfer spots and use a leader that reduces AP of moving armies, that might work very well, and also let you pick up additional units at bases along the way.
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