Deck: Manhattan Project

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Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby Keypunch » Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:32 pm

My premise:
To build a 40-card/100 point deck on the idea of the humans in severe trouble.

Their enemies are surrounding them and they've got little heavy gear, luckily, they've got one last undiscovered stronghold, where the best and brightest of the Empire have gathered for a final stand.

Instead of confronting the enemy head-on, they're gonna build a big bomb.

While the brainiacs will safely stay in the Vault, there's more to do than just wait 'till they finish the work. There's a light-weight security force of defensive units, and a small airforce. So if the situation calls for it, they can move forward and capture outposts. Offensively facing massive stacks is not a good idea, although there's always the option of delaying the main project by letting them divert resources to TacNukes.

To suss out the encroaching enemies, there's a small team of Commandos and even Rangers standing by.

The Deck:
Depending on what type of game you want, you can pick any tileset you like, but for authenticity I suggest:
Vault 13 (1H/2M/2E/1T, mountain, with tunnels), Shanty towns (simple 1H) and Debris Fields (simple 1T).
Alternatively, the Big Dig (1H/2M/1E/1T, hill, with tunnels), shanty towns (1H) and Destroyed Factories (simple 1E,1T) makes pretty good sense to me as well.
This simulates the remaining hide-out base to which the desperate humans flock, setting up shanty towns on the surface, clinging to the relative safety of the project and base, while valuable resources of a vast ruined industrial complex can be found closeby.

Imperial Citadel would be the proper place for Vault 13 (WMD-proof).
Imperial Fortress has the most fitting artwork and makes the most sense with Big Dig.

The program has got an civilian administrator and an adjunct.
1x Vincent Mugde
1x Cornelia West

They make sure the research team has full freedom and means to complete the project:
1x Albert Feynman
1x Fulton Strangelove
1x Hanibal Zarkov

With access to state-of-the-art facilities:
1x Imperial Research Lab
1x Imperial War College
1x Industrial Complex
1x Intelligence Center

The security force has two commanders:
1x Ulysses Starke
1x Erik Mai

Their force is not impressive, but has potential when well-organized:
4x Imperial Infantry
4x Weapons Platoon
4x MoRV-IV Leopard
4x MISV-II Cheetah
1x MAA-10 Puma

They even got several planes and helicopters to provide air cover:
1x F-226 Nightwing
1x RAH-76 Crow

Also, a smattering of special forces will supplement the security effort, by providing recon, completing secret missions and going behind enemy lines to disrupt. They've got their own commanders.
1x Sigmund Gordon
1x Valentine Kusanagi
2x Imperial Rangers
3x Imperial Commandos

In order to be able to drop the bomb on target, airstrips are required. The program has got they're hopes up that they might be able to commandeer independent bases near the enemy HQ. Plan B is to mount a strong enough force to capture an outlying enemy base, in flight range of the main base. There's also a plan C, but this will only work once. The program has enough equipment and materials to build a single outpost that includes a flight strip.
1x Imperial Firebase

So, there you have it. A 40 card, 110-point deck. If you want to make the true "100-point"-mark, all you have to do is substitute the Imperial Fortress for the Imperial Palace...but that just doesn't look the part, if you ask me.

Playing this one, I've set myself the goal that I'd try to build and succesfully kill the first opponent with an alpha-omega nuke before turn 30 (large map, 2 opponents). I found it challenging, but certainly doable.
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby dave866 » Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:55 pm

I like the idea of a scenario deck. How about an AAR?
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby Clocknova » Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:26 pm

Good idea. Of course, you won't be able to drop the firebase anywhere that isn't already in supply, so you'll probably still need to commandeer an indy base or two.
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby greymalkin » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:21 pm

I wonder if you could if the hero had an MSV in his army?
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby dave866 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:23 pm

No - Mobile supply or raider traits don't allow you to put up a base in an otherwise out-of-supply hex.
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby Keypunch » Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:36 pm

Having Vincent Mugde at HQ will make life a lot easier already.
I've played the "scenario" for the third time now, and this last one was awesome. I wrote down all my moves, took a few screenshots and am in the process of writing an AAR.

All I can say for now is: 26 turns 'till victory.

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Large, Uncommon/Uncommon, 175/15, 2 (Machines and Xenopods), No Cult.
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby dave866 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:19 pm

What are your other settings: map size, resource/specials, enemy card/tile point limits, number of enemies?

EDIT: I didn't see your settings, so I went with the defaults (except tile pts)...

Micro AAR

Map: Defaults: Normal/Uncommon/Uncommon. Random opponents were Xenos and Mutants. Chose the Vault 13 setup as recommended.

There was a bit of a crunch at first, as I couldn't get the armies out that I needed to guard the collectors. So I just threw them up unguarded and hoped for the best. I got my recon going - there's no shortage of recon/deep stealth recon in the deck. I stomped out the usual hero/recon probes with a little bounty hunter deck and did manage to capture one Xeno hero. I could not stop one mutie ravager from spotting my HQ, unfortunately. The unguarded collectors didn't fare so well, but I managed to keep my supply up by never buying initiative. With my hero bonuses, intel center, and captured heroes, I had all the AP I needed.

I was distressed to find that there was a distinct lack of indie bases, and I was not turning up my fire base. Luckily, I found an indie just outside of supply range, right up the middle, after I got my new borders due to expanded supply from that administrator with the supply special. It was a matter of waiting on Starke's to show up in the draw and bring his raider ability after that. I went in with a laughable army, softening them up a little with a helo but careful to conserve my scarce resources for research.

A very tense battle against Omicron and his turrets with nothing but my lowly infantry and cheetahs was purty damned close. But the beauty part is that this lonely base: was exactly 4 hexes from both mutant and xeno HQ; and was that base that has the awesome GODSOLDIER. If you haven't found this guy I won't ruin the surprise, so let's say - he rocks. Hence the name, I suppose.

I had in the meantime gotten my lab upgraded, gotten all the heroes installed that benefit research, and gotten the ascension mutagen to my technologist. So equipped with a handful of tactic cards, and thus fully prepared to rock the tech, I built my Alpha Omega on turn 28, and delivered it to the mutants via JSF (no need for precision, it turns out, but whatev) on turn 29. They had an SoD headed my way, so I chose them. I also set my GODSOLDIER battalion (with Starke) headed off to the Xenos on 28.

Turn 31, I had arrived. My platoon chewed through a corrupter, a destroyer, and various trash mobs. Infantry support proved surprisingly effective, keeping the infantry alive for quite a while and even rendering them effective at damaging the big guys. My Godsoldier never took a shot as they kept focusing on the infantry and cheetahs.

A win on turn 31. I had 8 cards left in the deck and never drew the firebase. Inspecting the map showed that other than the godsoldier post that I captured, the only other base was in the corner, 5 away from the mutants and therefore useless for my 'nuke somebody before 30' goals. Though it was a base that offered an OGR and +1 to research, which makes me a little sorry I missed it. OGR is also awesome and a bit nostalgic for me (any other OGRE/GEV fans out there from days of yore?) The mutants were absolutely drenched in resource hexes, which explained the SoD.

That was an awesome scenario, keypunch, thanks for writing it up. I really felt like I was under the gun and had to make tough choices. MORE MORE MORE! Have you seen the mutant campaign on the wargamer forums? He's asked if someone else wants to write up any other factions. Here's the link to the mutant campaign:

Toxic Bog -- AE Scenarios and Such
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Apr 15, 2008 7:09 pm

I gave this deck/scenario a whirl the other day as well.

In my first attempt, I lost the race for The Bomb though I eventually trumped them in the end.

In the second game, I managed to nuke the Machines turn 29 in a real, last minute nailbiter that had a stealthed Ranger squad near the Machine HQ setup the airstrip just in time for the stealth bomber to land, refuel and nuke them to oblivion. I then chewed my way across the map (helped by a friendly OGR) to capture a Xenopod base in range of their HQ and deliver my second nuke.

That game also featured my only Geneticist (Zarkov? Strangelove?) being escorted by Cheetah to the newly discovered Black Rock Mesa lab only to be suddenly assassinated next to the facility! That was a serious shock. Never caught the filthy Xeno either...

Very, very fun game and deck!
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby RagmanLSN » Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:31 am

I didnt do this deck but I did the same idea - I wanted to bomb stuff 8-)

4 player game with cult (got deviant)

someone killed mutants rather quick, I also started next to 3 decent bases and got the godsoldier out
was rampaging along and conquered the xenos with an uberstack of elephants, vengeance and godsoldier, then nuked the palace of love for the hell of it, then drew my firebase and put it within nuking range of the machines, and game over

I had never used the bombs previously and was surprised to get it 2 out of 2 times :)
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby imperialus » Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:56 am

I'm going to have to give this deck a try. I've never found myself using WMD's very much it's easier just to roll a huge army into the enemy HQ so this will be an interesting limitation.

I might add an Artimus or two to the deck though. Add a bit of flexibility for delivery.
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