Manhattan Project, AAR

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Manhattan Project, AAR

Postby imperialus » Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:06 pm

I tried out a game using Keypunch's amazing WMD deck found here:

Large Map vs. mutants, uncommon/uncommon no cult. (this was my first attempt at using a tiny deck so I didn't want to make it too hard)

Turns 1-15 I could tell from the get go that this was going to be a good game, perfect for a defensive based recon war with the Alpha Omega serving as a game ender. My citadel was located with its back to a mountain range, a small strip of desert in front of it, and then a line of hills with only one easy access point at the far west end.
Starting position
Citadel (late game)

The big downside to this setup was that my supply lines were very limited. I had no independent bases within range. Luckely my firebase turned up fairly early on so that opened up some flexibility.

My initial recon was limited to a leopard so I secured the approaches to my base and waited until I got a unit of commandos before I started doing any deep recon. Valentine was the next unit to hit the map, followed by Sigmund who began patrolling the same route as the Leopard.

My commandos found the Black Mesa lab just on the other side of the hill. I was in no position to take it (my ground forces consisted of a single infantry unit and a Cheetah at this point) so I positioned another commando unit beside it to keep an eye on the lab and focused on finding the mutant stronghold and getting my lab in order so I could get down to the nuts and bolts of building a nuke.

Turns 15-30 Had terrible luck finding the mutant HQ. Valentine, the commandos and eventually a unit of Rangers all wandered around the map to no avail. I did however find Shady Sands and the Sleeper bunker with my commandos and they must have really sold the idea of building a bomb to Tyrell because he joined me without even demanding tribute. :mrgreen: Tyrell abandoned the bunker and ran as fast as his labcoated butt could take him back to my citadel. in the mean time Strangelove prepared an Acention Mutagen for Tyrell that was ready by the time he arrived. The rangers remained stationed at the bunker and I deployed a unit of Infantry to protect against recon units.

Tyrell (after the Acention Mutagen)

Valentine finally found the mutant HQ and lucky me, it was in range of the Sleeper Bunker. I had passed within one hex of it several times but never found it. At about the same time Tyrell had just finished his first bomb so with no time to spare before the Mutants captured my airstrip I strapped it onto my Nightwing and blasted it out of existence. I failed to hit their main army however so on the next turn however the mutants managed to both capture the Sleeper bunker and replace their HQ in it killing both my infantry and the commandos.

Sanctuary after the nuke (I'll explain the second crater later)

I was now in something of a pickle. My intel in the sector had just been wiped out. I only had Valentine left and a unit of Rangers stuck on the opposite end of the map. The mutant army that had taken the bunker was a nasty one, especially given my forces. I can't remember it exactly but I know there were at least Two Gargantua's, a Basher, and a Mauler in it. My main army by contrast was headed up by Eric Mai and consisted of two imperial Infantry two weapons platoons and three cheetah's. Perhaps more importantly the new HQ was out of range for my bombers, and out of supply for my armies. As an added bonus it was hardened, has 10 HP, and 6 defense so I couldn't just drop a nuke on it and gloat over my victory at the edge of the crater. This was going to be tougher than I thought, especially if that monster stack turned its attention towards me. Valentine did buy me some time by assassinating the army's general, and several other important hero's slowing the mutants progress down enough for me to rebuild.

Mai's Army (after super mutagen)

Turns 30-55 I figured I needed any edge I could get now so I began sending my nightwing to attack Black Mesa, wiping out the turrets and allowing a recon unit to waltz in and take it. Unfortunately Black Mesa doesn't provide a supply source (which is what I was really hoping for) but it does have four units of that Super Mutagen, just what the doctor ordered for my poor outclassed infantry. Mai gathered the troops and went over the hills, constructing the firebase that put me within striking distance of both the bunker and the Enormodome located a few hexes to the north of the bunker. The mutants also sent a spy down to find my base who was promptly captured by Sigmund. I had my second nuke ready and was all set to use it on the Enormodome in tandum with a ground assault on the bunker when a wandering scout happened across the same army that had captured the bunker two hexes away from my very precarious firebase. They'd replaced the general and were marching inexorably towards my HQ, having grown even larger. Even with cheetah support and the super mutagen my army wasn't going to stand a chance and I couldn't afford to loose that firebase.

So I nuked them. And my commando unit... It was out of MP's and I that stack needed to be dead yesterday, I felt a little bad nuking the guys that had just saved my entire campaign but they seemed to fit the dictionary definition of 'acceptable losses'. Valentine has proceeded to assassinate her way up the command structure in their HQ, I've destroyed their intel center, decisively won the recon war and am now just sitting on my butt waiting for the resources to make another nuke and hoping that they don't come up with any more surprises. :D

Turn 55-70 Mai abandoned his army at the firebase (leaving it precariously out of command) and pulled back to the citadel to pump out tactics/training cards. An ideal situation would see Ulysses coming up pretty quick (There are only 9 cards left in my deck, I know he's in there somewhere) letting him assume command of the army. Otherwise I just have to hope that Mai can get there and back again without the firebase coming under attack.

Fortunately I managed to get Ulysses up next turn so he took over command of my Home Defense army (which had somewhat outgrown the name) and I began kitting them up into a force to be reckoned with. Also by this time I had so many tech die boosting abilities I Tyrell was rolling 10 dice with I think a -2 to his targets...

Tyrell was churning out bombs as fast as I could gather the resources for them

and here's the Imperial Infantry you DON'T want to fight

The grunts trial by fire came around turn 62 when they intercepted a smallish stack consisting of a juggler, a pack rocket and a Gargantua heading towards the firebase. A single hitpoint off one of my weapons squads was the only casualty. At least I knew this army could preform.

Turn 70! Finally all the pieces were in place for a decisive final blow. I crossed my fingers and assaulted the mutant stronghold.
Turn 70 map

First batch of defenders

Second batch of defenders I took out the Zentrads with a Shiva

Because I didn't want the Mutants relocating their HQ again, I sent a flight of Nightwings up and dropped a citykiller on the enormodome after Ulysses successfully took the bunker. It was probably redundant, but hey, it gave me an excuse to use 3 nukes in one game.


Anyhow, this was a very fun deck. I had modified it slightly to include an Artimus launcher, but then I realized that the humans have no missile based nukes which kind of defeated the purpose. *shrugs* I also included a second Lab just to increase the chances of having one turn up in my hand early in the game. It's just as well since the second lab came up when I had 4 or 5 cards left. This deck really suited a slow, steady defensive based game and though I got concerned at the midpoint when the mutants relocated their HQ to a hardened facility I decided to see exactly what crappy infantry was capable of, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The super mutagen certainly helped out a lot but if you have the time and patience to tech up those grunts can be a real threat.
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Re: Manhattan Project, AAR

Postby efelle » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:50 am

Nice AAR, I think I will test this concept.
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Re: Manhattan Project, AAR

Postby Indricotherium » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:36 pm

Yes, great AAR, thanks for writing it up!
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