Card Comparison: Machine Elite Infantry

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Re: Card Comparison: Machine Elite Infantry

Postby Stercus » Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:31 pm

I have been trying the Reverants in force.

I took Tormentia (I think) who adds +1 attack and defence to the cards. Thats a 7 attack 6 defence. I have five in my stack. I can actually have more since they have a long ranged attack but five was all had.

I jumped them into the Imperial HQ where there was one Vengance Mecha defending. I sieged to negate the defence bonus.

I lasted six rounds.

I burned all five of my fate in the first round saving a Rev then proceeded to roll nothing higher than a 2 of 7 for every single roll. The Vengance never rolled anything under a six.

I reloaded and tried again. Same thing happened, except this time I got it from 14 to 9 HPs.

These guys are not cutting the mustard. Not worth the Cost, they will be getting replaced by Scourge next game.
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Re: Card Comparison: Machine Elite Infantry

Postby Nickk » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:11 pm

Well, it's really hard to damage an enemy if your attack is lower than their defense. Even with equal numbers you won't usually do that much damage. Combine that with the high hp of top end units and taking middle or low quality troops for combat is just giving yourself a substantial extra challenge.
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Re: Card Comparison: Machine Elite Infantry

Postby potatoedoughnut » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:24 pm

Yeah I wouldn't use Revenants as part of a main assault stack, especially without tech upgrades. As mentioned earlier in the thread I'd only use them as a small mobile force to destroy collectors and lightly (as in small units only) defended outposts or collectors. Putting them up against large or even medium units is a recipe for disaster.

You can augment them with defensive nanites and neuro-toxin guns to make them more effective against other mid-range units, but even then they're not going to do much against big bad units like Mechs or Dragons.

The only reason that scourge platoons can go toe-to-toe with large units is they can run around with harpys and get +2/+2, and even then their comparatively low HP means you need to outnumber your opponent or be really really lucky. Revenants obviously can't get infantry support unless you take away their jump capability, and taking that away defeats the whole purpose of using revenants.
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