Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

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Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby Boltimus » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:09 pm

What are you supposed to do when all resources are out of supply range of your HQ? I can get a hero there to set up a resource collector, however it is out of supply? In fact, all possible hexes are out of supply that contain useful resources. What to do? I tried mobile suppliers, however I found out the hard way, plus I reread the manual and now realize that mobile supplier don't contribute to the building of resource collectors. What should I do?

In desperate need of resources,

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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby Naar » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:13 pm

In that situation, you want to either save up and build a base that provides supply so that the resources are in the newly-extended supply range, or else capture an enemy or independent facility to do the same thing.
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby imperialus » Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:15 am

It's also probably worth noting that unless you are very desperate for resources (normally something that only happens on rare/rare maps) it's not worth it to develop outposts beyond the immediate vicinity of your HQ. Outposts are tough to defend since a lone recon unit can destroy them without batting an eye. It also provides the AI with intelligence as to where your forces might be located and gives them a trail of breadcrumbs that they can use to zero in on your more important facilities and HQ.
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby Keypunch » Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:40 am

Even on uncommon settings, resources can be scarce nearby. Especially if you're restricted by rough terrain.

(Possible) solution to this problem:
Administrator that increases your supply (It's called "Logistical Genius" or "Logistiscs" or something). Every race has at least one of them, I think.
Building an outpost (Imperial Firebase, Terminus, Gord, Hive are some examples)

If you've got them in the deck, but not in your hand, and you're in this resourceless bind: discard! The loss of a few cards will be more than compensated by being able to actually play others.

Otherwise, you could try and capture a Independent or Enemy facility nearby. If it's later in the game, it might be worth rescouting those "blind spots" againg, because sometimes a foe will have put a facility up there.
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby Boltimus » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:42 am

Thanks for all of the replies! I'm taking a trick I learned from when I played Magic the gathering. Discarding! Too bad there isn't a card that allows you to retrieve discarded one.. hehe. I've loaded my deck with multiple copies of cards I really need (mainly facilities for research, etc). Once I get those cards I discard them as they come up. My tactic tends to rely on a blitzkrieg type of run where I simply in one thrust capture resources and move forward. The hard part though is building up my resources to get to that point, because my final army is very expensive. Since I am new to the gaem, I've only been playing humans and have not tried other races yet, so right now my main army is composed of the heavy mechs and elephants. Yes they are expensive, but man.. combine them with a good set of tactics cards and some researched technology armor (can't remember the name of the armor) and they are almost unstoppable...I actually feel sorry for the machine dudes.
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby imperialus » Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:17 pm

You might want to take a quick look at some of the really lean focused decks you can find in the deck building forum. Remember, unlike MTG you don't loose the game if your deck runs out (I think that's a magic rule isn't it?) and also unlike Magic you don't get any 'free' draws from your deck. Each card pull costs you 3AP.

If you're looking for an armoured deck to get your feet wet with I might suggest Fernis863's "Armoured Company" You can use the less expensive (and faster) cheetah/infantry combos backed up by Panthers and Leopards to zip around the map gobbling up resources to get a monster stack of Elephants, Tigers and Groms to deal the knockout blow, or just use them defensively and tech up your lighter force into a nasty piece of work. It'll also give you a chance to see how Infantry work with the Tip of the Spear supplement. It's also still a largish deck, (my slightly modified version is 65 cards, 175 points) with some redundancy in the facilities department so you can get away with a few discards (something you can't afford to do with a 40 card deck).
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby Pip-Boy 2000 » Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:11 am

I just had a similiar problem with my map where I was basically entrenched by mountains and petrified forests.
This is basically why you must always have something like a keep or some other supply/barracks combo card in your hand.
However, I am also considering just investing a few points into a resource tile card or industry/resource generating infrastructure complex card, since the advantage you get from being that little bit ahead to begin with grows exponentially each turn.
Getting 2 of something that unlocks your main units faster is invaluable in the first 10 turns imho..and any run where you're forced to discard stuff is just plain wasteful..I build my deck so that I can use every card in there.

The alternative is as mentioned being lucky and coming across a random independent stronghold/outpost, but that's basically wishing on chance..


I also don't believe in people advertising low level armor cards.
Why bother?
Let's take the Empire of Man for example.
At just 7 material 4 energy 4 tech you get the MeBU-II Vengeance and the MoBV-VII is similiary cheap / cheaper still. Takes you 2-3 turns to get one of those and even a single MeBu-II Mech can take out cities/virtually all independent plots and armies all alone with a hero..
The unit value in terms of properties just outscales resource cost in terms of actual battle value.

I think anyone advertising midrange units doesn't understand the defense value concept...there is no middle ground , you either take x amount of damage, or you don't, and the whole goal of a limited card deck is to never, ever, EVER lose a card if at all possible and end up with a mighty steamroller of death or three..and with a defense of 8 on both of those two and attack at 12+2disable and 10x2, combined perhaps with 1-2 of upgraded Emperors own for combined arms additional attack, what more could you ask for?
At a full hit, the Mech will do 20 + (number of infantry times 1) damage..i.e. singlehandedly destroy virtually any opposing unit from any party..and with the usual 4-6 fate points on even a green hero enhanced army you can roll yourself up in +2 damage increments once past the defender's defense threshold and if you've got tac, even more..

I currently have 2 of those mechs on the map and 1 ready to draw next in my current game and it's turn 28 :mrgreen:

Does it show that I love the Mechwarrior universe as well? :?
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Re: Establishing Resource Collectors when out of supply

Postby XanII » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:53 am

Fire bases are important to reach the resources. I usualy build one quite near the base and attempt to defend/scout it furiously. With little luck i am able to find resources on the flanks so that my HQ is at the back, flanked by some resources while the fire base is ahead and 'collects' the enemy activity. Usualy there are resoruces nearby there too but they are too contested. I sometimes bait the AI by leaving them alone, yet keeping and eye on them.
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